Otto Helmut Erwin Rittmeyer

Otto Helmut Erwin Rittmeyer
09.09.1921 (Lilienfelde ) - 18.01.1999 (Langenfeld )

Family Rittmeyer

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Wappen Familie Rittmeyer / Rittmeier

Wappen Vers. 1
Rittmeyer / Rittmeier
Ausgabe in deutscher Sprache Edition in English


The photo gallery shows pictures of the great-grandfather of the publisher Johann August Rittmeieras well as pictures of direct descendants.



Family Tree with pictures

(Presentation of 3 generations, for reasons of data protection images exclusively shown of the deceased, the overall image of the Family Tree with pictures on request only for family members.)



Johann August Rittmeier (born 26.03.1850 in Weklitz, West Prussia)



August Rittmeier and his wife Anna, the children Anna and Fritz and grandchild Hans



Farm in Weklitz (West Prussia) - Birthplace of August Rittmeier and his ancestors (Image shows EmilRittmeier and Family, 1938)



Friedrich (Fritz) Rittmeier (born 01.12.1884 in Altona) as a young actor in Breslau



Fritz Rittmeier as a actor and stage manager in Hamburg



Fritz Rittmeier and his wife Paula and the children Carl, Fritz and Ursula



Hans Rittmeier (born 20.08.1910 in Altona) as a soldier



Hans Rittmeier and his wife Alice and the children Horst, Gerd, Klaus and Hans



Carl Rittmeier (born 14.04.1921 in Altona) as a soldier



Marriage Carl Rittmeier and his wife Ruth Kühl (1948)



Carl and Ruth Rittmeier and the children Lutz and Manuel



The brothers Carl (left) and Hans (right) Rittmeier





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